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Tourist Visa
Documents Required
» The applicant should have a valid passport
» Two visa form (photocopy allowed)
» Two passport-size photograph
» Confirmed onward/ return air ticket
» Onward visa
» Covering letter from the applicant’s company to prove applicant’s social/ professional status and Hotel confirmation
» In case of family visit a letter of invitation from applicant’s reference in South Korea, in Korean and proof of funds
» In some cases other evidencing documents and confirmations may be required
Validity Visa is valid for 90 days and is issued for a maximum stay of 90 days.
Fees Rs. 1500/-
Time Taken 3 Days
Business Visa
Documentation is same as Tourist Visa. Additional requirements are:
» An official covering letter from the Indian organisation clearly detailing business transaction and applicant’s status in the company
» Letter of credits if any, correspondence etc
» An invitation from the associates should be faxed directly to the Embassy and other evidencing documents or confirmation may be required
Single Entry (90 days) Rs 1500/-
Multiple Entry (90 days) Rs 4000/-
Long Term (90 days) Rs 2500/-
Time Taken 3 Days
Visa Forms Business / Tourist Visa
  1. Visa fee is accepted in form of Bank Draft. It should be in favour of "HONORARY CONSULATE OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA"
  2. All long term visas are referred to South Korea for approval and can take a month to be processed
  3. All documents in triplicate copies are required to be submitted

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